The Secret To Great Skin Is Here!

DIY face mask

Everyone should have a good facial. Often! When I worked as an aesthetician, I loved pampering my clients with a deep cleaning, calming, awe-inspiring clay mask. In fact, most of my clients fell asleep during the process, and I hated to wake them up! A great facial is a treat you should take advantage of as often as you can. Unfortunately, getting a professional session isn't always in the budget.

Fear not, brave soul! You can pamper yourself (and your friends too) without breaking the bank with my collection of DIY clay masks. And they are completely customizable to YOUR needs.

Deep Clean Charcoal contains kaolin and bentonite clay along with bamboo charcoal. This mask is a deep-cleaning, powerful, all natural blast of awesomeness! I love it! And it is soooo easy to use. The combination of charcoal and clays provides a safe, deep cleaning.

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Make It Glow will have you shining like the star you are! Created with kaolin clay, spirulina powder, hemp powder, French green clay, and coconut milk powder for perfect indulgence.  Oh, the antioxidants in this one... don't get me started! Super food for your face!

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Renewing is my personal fav. Made with kaolin clay, turmeric, beet root powder, and bentonite clay, it treats my "mature" skin with kid gloves.

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fresh clay masks

How to use: All the masks are shipped dry, so you can customize to YOUR needs. And it saves on packaging and shipping costs, too. That's how we do things at Farmasoapia: we put you first! Simply empty the contents into a small non-metal bowl and add a few teaspoons of water to create a thick paste. Apply with a fan brush or your fingers to the face, neck and upper chest. There's plenty, go ahead and spread it around! Want to know a secret? I thought so. Apply any extra mask to the backs of your hands. That's what the pros do, and they'll charge you extra for it. I won't. Go for it.

Want to get more bang from your mask? Add:

yogurt - the lactic acid in the milk will make your skin happy!

milk - lactic acid again! Great stuff! It's what all those Retinol products are made with.

honey - anti-bacterial, hates acne, boosts complexion (my fav to add to Make It Glow)

mashed avocado - full of vitamins and nourishing. And you can make guacamole with any leftovers. And a Margarita. Ole!

mashed banana - plenty of nutrients here, and great for aging skin

You can also combine any or all of these with your mask. Go for it! That's why I make things naturally and plant based. It's all good for your skin.

A few words of caution from a pro:

  • NEVER add glue to make these "peel off". It will peel, and it will take your skin with it.
  • Wash your face thoroughly and remove any makeup. I recommend using Farmer's Daughter facial bar. It's nice and gentle.
  • Don't use masks more than once or twice a week. In this case, more is not better.
  • Only leave masks on for 15 minutes or so, then rinse off with warm - not hot - water. Do not scrub mask off, use gentle motions with a damp cloth. You can also go full-on spa and soak a towel in hot water, squeeze it out and let it rest on your face a few minutes before using it to clean the mask off. Ahhhhh, luxury.
  • Try them all, and try them with a variety of ingredients to get the best results for your needs
  • Apply sunscreen after you do the masks. Another pro tip: ALWAYS use sunscreen. It is by far the best thing you can do for your skin!!


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