Time To Ditch Your Shampoo

Still buying chemical-laden shampoo in a big plastic bottle? That's SO twentieth century! It's time to get rid of the chemical detergents, unnatural fragrances, silicates, and preservatives in that horrid plastic bottle. Many of those ingredients are added just for a lot of lather and fake scent which isn't even necessary to clean your hair and scalp. And don't get me started on all the residue they leave behind. Go ahead, check the ingredient list on your bottle... can you even pronounce all of them?

What's the alternative, you ask? Natural shampoo bars, of course - ours are unscented, no color added, and leave nothing behind. And, with a week's use will finally get your lovely locks free of all that pesky crap that came in that overpriced bottle. Your hair will thank you.

Everyone's hair is different, of course, and some people just can't bring themselves to go bottle-free. But you can, I'm sure of it, since you are an awesome human being who would like to help stop clogging the planet with plastic. And set a good example for the children. Just sayin'.

"But Theresa", you say, "I still have to use conditioner! OMG!"

I honestly didn't know you talked like that, but OK....  I've been using my Ultimate Shampoo Bar for a year and my hair is fricking amazing and soft and I don't use a conditioner at all. Many of my customers use an apple cider vinegar rinse and swear by it. I won't go into it here, there's tons and tons about it online if you want to go down that rabbit hole. And even if you did feel you needed a commercial conditioner or rinse, at least you're down to one plastic bottle instead of two. Small steps, Grasshopper!

natural shampoo bar