How To Make Your Soap Last Longer


There's nothing better than a quality bar of natural soap. The lather, the slip, the gentle smell of real soap all make shower time so enjoyable. But have you ever gotten into the shower only to find your lovely bar of soap has become a squishy gooey mess? As much as I’d love you to buy more soap, I want you to get every penny’s worth!

Here's how to make your soap last so you can enjoy every single bubble.


Keep it dry.

Sounds impossible, doesn't it? I mean, you have to get it wet to use it! Yep. But make sure that your soap is kept dry between uses. And never let it rest under a drippy faucet.

Use a washcloth or loofah.

Get that sucker soaped up and it will stay lathered for your entire shower. As a bonus, using a cloth or loofah will add some gentle exfoliation to your routine without you having to do anything extra.

Upgrade your soap dish.

Avoid leaving your soap on one of the ledges in your bath – it can't dry out completely and will leave a soap build up behind. Yuck. Choose a soap dish that allows water to drain and for air to get all around the soap. You can always add a soap deck to a fancy soap dish to keep the soap elevated while still having your pretty dish.


Get everyone their own bar.

Seem crazy to have five or six bars of soap in the shower? Think about it this way: if everyone showers one after another, that soap doesn't have time to dry between uses and just won't last as long. Besides, your teenage son probably doesn't want to use your lavender soap....

Good to the last bubble.

After you've used all these steps to keep your soap happy and long lasting, you'll end up with a collection of soap slivers. Those teeny-tiny bits that you just can't hang on to still have life left in them, so don't toss them out! A soap saver bag (or washcloth sewn in half like a pillow case) is the answer here. Stuff all those bits inside and lather up, buttercup.


By using all these tips, you can make your bar soap last longer. You get to enjoy more of it and there is less waste and it’s better for the environment. But don’t worry, I’ll still make more :)