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Easy Peasy Tinted Lip Butter


I'm one of those women who don't wear makeup – I just never got the hang of it. And I never wore lipstick because I just couldn't get it to look right, so I just stick to a clear lip butter to protect my lips. But if you like to add a bit of color to your lips, this recipe is for you.

With just a few easy to get ingredients you can make as much lip butter as you like and even be the most popular woman on the block if you gift them as well. This tinted lip butter is totally, completely, without exception all natural. Unlike the commercial stuff, you'll be making your lip butter with ingredients that are safe and not full of chemicals and preservatives.

This is my tried and true recipe will make three 1 ounce lip butters.

You will need:

  • measuring cup or pouring cup with spout

  • kitchen scale

  • lip butter containers – I like to reuse tins or empty containers I have on hand.

  • double boiler or pan with water

  • cheesecloth or coffee filter

The ingredients. Yes, I see now that I misspelled cocoa butter. What can I say?

The ingredients. Yes, I see now that I misspelled cocoa butter. What can I say?

The ingredients:

2 oz shea butter (I use refined shea for this because unrefined shea has a certain - not quite pleasant - scent.

½ oz beeswax (or ¼ oz candelilla wax, a plant-based wax)

1 oz coconut oil

alkinet root powder (available online or at health food stores)

*optional: replace half the shea butter with cocoa butter for a super rich butter

Measure out the coconut oil and melt in the double boiler (or microwave in 30 second increments, stirring after each time). When it's liquid, add 1/8 teaspoon of the alkinet root powder and stir.

Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to remove the powder solids. To the strained coconut oil, add your other ingredients and melt together in the double boiler or microwave (30 seconds at a time). The waxes take the longest to melt, and it helps to stir them around a bit. Pour the melted ingredients into your containers and let cool completely, then put on the lid.


If you like more or less tint, you can adjust the amount of alkinet root powder that you add. Other ideas for tinting (using this same method of infusing) are:

  • maddar root powder (a more brownish-pink tint)

  • beet root powder (a more red tint)

  • unsweetened powdered drink mix (NOT a natural alternative, and using too much can stain, but it's a common ingredient if you want to experiment with color)

  • don't use food coloring. It is water based and water & oil don't mix!

And there you have it – an easy recipe to pamper your lips and make you even more popular. Each container will last you at least a month and travel well.