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Exfoliate Like a Boss! + Sugar Scrub Recipe

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Dull, dry skin is noticeable because of the layer of dead skin cells on the surface. Exfoliating gently removes this layer and allows your healthy skin to show. Exfoliating correctly can give your skin a much-needed boost with little effort.

natural sugar scrub recipe

Benefits of regular exfoliation:

·      Removes dead, dull skin cells

·      Keeps pores clear and reduces the ability of blackheads to form

·      Helps maintain your skin’s natural functions

·      Reveals healthy, glowing skin


There are two types of exfoliating: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation uses microderm abrasion, a brush, or a scrub to physically remove the layer of dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliation includes things like a chemical peel or products with alpha and beta hydroxy acids to dissolve the dead skin cells. Microderm abrasion and chemical peels should be performed by a skin care professional in a spa and never tried at home.

For regular at home use, I highly recommend using dry brushing (for the body) and a sugar or salt scrub for your face, neck, chest, and hands.

exfoliate natural exfoliation sugar scrub

Some things to keep in mind:

·      Wash your face and remove any makeup before exfoliating.

·      Always use very gentle pressure and use your two middle fingers to apply the scrub. Use small, circular motions for about 30 seconds.

·      Use warm, not hot, water to rinse off the scrub. Hot water dries out your skin.

·      Don’t exfoliate more than twice a week. Over exfoliating will leave your skin raw and unhappy.

·      Apply moisturizer and sunscreen after exfoliating.

·      Avoid areas that are red or where your blood vessels are very close to the surface. Never exfoliate over open cuts or scrapes.


Sugar Scrub Recipe

No exotic ingredients to find, no complicated instructions, just a basic recipe for DIY sugar scrub you can quickly make at home.

DIY sugar scrub for natural exfoliation

Ingredients: ¼ cup sugar

                       Extra virgin olive oil

                       Optional: honey or agave

Directions:  In a small bowl, add the sugar and one tablespoon of honey or agave (if you’re using it) and enough olive oil to make the consistency of wet sand. Apply to clean face and gently rub the scrub in small circles. Rinse with warm water, pat dry. Don’t forget to do the backs of your hands, too!

Other things to add for variety:

·      Coffee grounds – helps reduce a puffy appearance

·      Turmeric – loaded with good stuff for your skin

·      Rose petals, ground – because who doesn’t want rose petals?

·      Ground oats – a very gentle exfoliant, especially for sensitive skin