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Can Soap Be Moisturizing?

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We’ve all seen the commercials for “moisturizing beauty bars” and that product that’s “one quarter moisturizing cream”. So, we may take it for granted that soap should be moisturizing. It should not only wash away all our worries and stress, but it should leave a layer of lotion behind. Maybe even fold the laundry. Sadly, that’s just not how it works.

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True soap – made with vegetable oils, water, and lye – will not leave anything laying around on your skin after you use it. It’s soap. It cleans, then rinses away like a champ! The magic with handcrafted soap made with natural ingredients is that it doesn’t dry out your skin in the first place.  The soaps lovingly made here at Farmasoapia are formulated with skin-loving ingredients to provide a gentle clean, that rinses easily and completely away. And FYI, made with WAY more than one quarter moisturizing ingredients.

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For those of us with *ahem* mature skin or suffering from the effects of a cold, dry climate, we definitely would like more moisture kept in our skin. That gives skin a healthy look and provides a nice barrier against evaporation through the skin. Lucky for us, there are products that do a much better job at moisturizing than those “beauty bars” – it’s called moisturizer. Shocking, right? Say it with me…” soap cleans, moisturizer moisturizes”. There, don’t you feel better?

There are plenty of good quality moisturizers out there, but I would avoid any with more than a few ingredients or any that would require a PhD in organic chemistry to decode. Also, if it lists “fragrance” with no other information about what that fragrance might be or what it’s made from, run!

May I suggest a lovely Body Butter in the shop?