I find real joy in creating recipes that use vegetable based oils and butters as close to their natural state as possible. Then I include fresh ingredients like real fruits and vegetables to create soap that is super gentle and nourishing to the skin. Farmasoapia is proud to be completely cruelty free and vegan.


Everyone is Naturally Beautiful

That's the basis of everything I make at Farmasoapia. I believe in making wholesome, natural products the way nature intended to enhance the glowing beauty in all of us.

I take great care to find the best ingredients that are cruelty-free and as close to nature as I can find, and artfully combine them to create products that love your skin and make you feel fantastic. Farmasoapia's products never contain anything artificial and are colored without any synthetic ingredients. And definitely no lab created fragrances.

I am deeply conscious of our environment and ensure that I use the most sustainable practices I can - from using local ingredients where possible to creating zero-waste packaging. 

My mission is to help you on your journey to uncovering your inner beauty with skincare tips, recipes, and products using the highest quality ingredients that are easy to use and sustainable.

Theresa Parish